Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday, March 21, 2013 Version1

Well, here it is after all so I am going to post it

Spring has arrived.
  Snow drops arrived a couple weeks late compared to the past couple years. They were in bloom last year on Valentine's Day!  Now they are buried in the snow we got on the 19th. 
 Not the spring we have become used to but almost (but not quite) an old fashioned one. Brr and grumble!! As I write this, there is weather warning for the eastern portion of the province, depending on what is coming up the seaboard. Sounds like it "should" track some what south of us in the southwestern region. I so hope it is what happens.

 The past couple winters and springs have been amazing and personally I have come to really prefer them. Enough of that.

 With the arrival of March, thoughts turn to gardening. I have a few things under lights in the guest room, with more to start after the first of April. With the success of eggplants last year  I decided to try to grow artichokes, just the globes for now, to see can I actually get  one to produce. They take a long season and require a cold but not frosty stretch to bloom. hmm. wonder how I will manage that.
 The other is garlic. I had hard necked garlic scapes that I cut to dry that went to seed; tiny little bulbets. I just sprinkled some of the fine in starter mix and goodness they are growing. I think they may take another year to come to size but we will see. That is what it is all about.

The plastic on the greenhouse has finally given up the ghost or warned us it will let go completely it needs replacing. The new has arrived  (thank you Omni for such prompt service)and as soon as the weather settles down to a windless day, and we can round up a couple extra hands, we will recover it and set it up so we can try all season veggie gardening.

On the painting front:
 Things are ramping up for the new season. My new sign should go out in the next week or so and dates for events and possible shows are filling up my calendar. It is always a hard call. The car is not in great shape so that will affect what I do for sure.

For now I will try to keep a directory of where I will be showing/selling my work here and on my new website. I really didn't like the old one any longer so am redeveloping it with a new format.  Once I get the hang of it I should be able to update it with a lot more ease.

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