Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday, March, 21 2013 Spring?

I just spent an hour or more writing this and it suddenly disappears. I did save it as I went, I even previewed it. Where, oh where, did it go? Why?? This is why I dislike computing? for as much good I get from them I also get SO much frustration!!!!!!

I started with Spring...
Which isn't happening at the moment except inside under lights where I am bringing along a couple Globe Artichokes, and some tiny hardnecked garlic seed as an experiment. Last season we had good results with the Asian eggplants so decided to try these. We have had a string of storms for the past month. Snow is still hanging around although there for a few days we did have a taste of what we want.
 My beloved Snow drops showed up a couple weeks later than last year and even the year before but they were exceptional winters. For a few years they bloomed on Valentine's Day. Much as we enjoy them, we cannot count on them 'every' year. I was so disappointed this year not to see them that day. They were rescued from my grandmother's property, shunted about then when we moved here, I had three tiny bulbs to plant here near the door. Still not a bit patch after 20+ years, they are increasing in numbers ever so surely.

 My work this week has been on my website:   I was  quite unhappy with it over the past while so decided to use a new web builder and it seems to be working better for me. It will continue to evolve. I will update it and this with my new work and events as the season ramps up.  

 Lunenburg Art Gallery opens again Tuesday,  26 March, for the season. Looks like a busy season for sure. Stay tuned

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