Friday, March 22, 2013

March 22, still 2013.

 That storm pretty much gave us a miss last evening and today although it wasn't very warm was quite pleasant. The sun came through from time to time and everyone seemed in good spirits from the bank through the grocery stores. Me, I was in a pretty good mood myself. 
 Still lots of snow to melt but we have a few croci poking through the snow and a few more in the tangled mess at the garden's edge. My beloved snowdrops are still totally buried. This is heavy wet snow, combined with ice pellets and it was driven by high wind so I am not at all sure they will have survived the blast. Fingers are crossed.

As I write this the sun is setting, a soft pink flush showing through the trees at the horizon. I expect along the shore in the open it will be another evening when the setting sun puts on an amazing display. On Facebook there were photos posted from Shelburne County, taken last evening,  that were stunning! As a painter I must work to reproduce them. I should be so lucky.

 Tomorrow I start to seriously clean up my 'Gallery' area off the studio and have it ready for Easter. My sign isn't ready yet but I will put the open shingle back up.

 I heard Alberta got hit with another winter blast. Major pileup on the highway from Calgary to Edmonton with over 30 cars. I remember being on it when the winds came up and the world as I knew it just disappeared and I had no idea where I should be driving. There was no way to pull over and I knew big machines were storming up behind me. I just prayed they didn't mow me down.

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