Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 7 2013, sunny!! and oh so cold in the wind!!

Finally it was a proper sunny day! There were a few clouds but that sun had real heat and it was so appreciated by me and the cat! Yesterday we took a run to Bridgewater to see about picking up a few swcond hand books, Shakespeare related for the Scans course I am attempting over the next few weeks.
I tried to look up SCANS to add a link here but can't at the moment. Oh Oh, computer is making a strange noise, what now

well how about that! I have been Skyping with people for the first time. Totally disconcerting. Sure doesn't make a body look pretty!  particularly ha!

April 9, 2013

 Thundering this evening.
It has been a drab day with a variety of weather events. It started off with sun, lovely and bright but it didn't last long. Very soon there were brief periods of rain, ice pellets, snow and hail. We were lucky here in White point. All we saw was rain, a few showers and a bit of snizzle. Hail could have been messy.
 The greenhouse plastic still holds. We need a day or two with no wind and warmish temperatures so we can get the new cover over the frame. I have plants ready to pot ahead and move outside. The tomatoes are up to second true leaf and need dividing then the artichokes are getting to their fourth leaf and really are coming along quickly. Unless the temperatures drop very low, the water barrels we have in it should moderate the temps there to keep things from actually freezing.  

 On my way to the mail box this morning, I could hear a sound in the trees. A bird's song. It took awhile, but I finally put it together with one of the White breasted Nuthatches that have been moving about the yard the past couple months. Today there were three. Two, seem to be a pair. The other goes in a different direction and is calling. they are such neat birds. They talk all the time and seem so intent on what they are about.
 Another call belonged to a Brown headed Cowbird. The real treat was the singing of a Northern Cardinal. That is such a lovely sound!
 Just after I came into the house I was filling the kettle when I saw something large and white hunting over the swamp down the road. It swung out of sight then back and it gave me a good view. It was a Northern Harrier, a lovely adult male. I am not sure, I have seen one so clean looking. Wasn't long before the crows started harassing it.

 I finished a painting for the "Spring Garden" Exhibition at Lunenburg Art Gallery in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. This one is an acrylic, on canvas. It isn't a pretty painting. We have had so much late snow and gray weather; I paint what I see pretty much. I have been laying out my new sign, also to be done in acrylic and sealed. Once that is done I'll be going back to watercolour. I have a number of new Lighthouses to paint. There will be a Lighthouse Awareness show and sale in August again this year. As it did last year, the show will spread over two weekends, the first in Port Medway and the following weekend in Port Mouton.
 I have to set up a schedule for the events I am taking part in. It is hard to keep track of it all. Once I get in the studio, I so loose track of time. I just disappear into my work.