Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2013

We have the most amazing climate here on the south shore of Nova Scotia. Sunday, Steve and I walked the beach at Summerville, enjoying the warmth of the sun and trying to keep the wind from poking its nippy fingers inside our jackets. Monday was a beautiful sunny day but the tremperatures began to drop. There is a cold front pushing to the south of us and today we have cooler temperstures, a bit of wind and have about 4 inches of snow at the moment.

 It is getting dark as I write this. There are birds tucked in amongst the branches and brush on the property. I expected a bigger turn out on the feeders but we have a couple American Tree Sparrows, a number of White-Throats as well as Song Sparrows. A treat was a brief visit from a Catbird!. I don't usually see them at this time of the year although they do put in a presence during the other seasons.  I managed to get a photo so if it turns out resonably well, I will post it here.

This past week or so I have been rebuilding the website with a drag and drop site builder. Once you get the hang of it it isn't that difficult. When I started this it was so easy. I used Netscape Composer back then and it was fun. I have to say I would much rather be painting.... and as soon as I am reasonably far along, I will be.

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